Sigrid Haanshus was born December 9th, 2002. She grew up on her family’s farm in Soknedal, a small village in the middle of Norway. Sigrid
discovered at the age of 8, that people were silent and listened when
she sang. The film «Phantom of the Opera» inspired her to rehearse and
perform her first song «Think of me». In 2011 she was chosen as a child
soloist to perform with the famous Norwegian tenor, Stephen
Brandt-Hansen, in his Christmas concerts at Trøndelag Theatre, Trondheim.

Sigrid participated in Norway’s Got Talent in 2015, where she got the
first «Golden Buzzer» awarded in Norway ever, for her performance of «I
Dreamed a Dream» from Les Misèrables. She reached the final, and the TV2 – video (Norwegian TV channel) from her audition is one of the most
popular in Norway’s Got Talent’s history.

In November of 2016, Sigrid Haanshus was given the honor of singing the
National anthem of Norway, «Ja vi elsker» a capella, live on NRK TV (The
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) for the King and the Prime Minister
at the Norwegian cup final in Soccer for women in Telenor Arena, Oslo.

She has later also been «artist of the evening» in NRK live TV series

After the success in Norway’s Got Talent as a 12-year-old, – Sigrid
Haanshus has released more than 20 singles and a compilation album. In
June 2022, she was listed among artists such as Michael Jackson, Guns N’
Roses and Tom Jones by the American website, for a
place on The 50 Best Paul McCartney Covers ever. Her version of My
Valentine, a single release from 2020, is listed as number 37.

Sigrid is now focusing on writing her own music. Her first self-written
song, «Alltid her», got a warm welcome, and Sigrid describes her style
as folk-pop.

She writes both English and Norwegian lyrics, and they’re inspired of
her own and other’s life experiences.